Appointed Positions

50/50 - Roni Nelson & Joan Rockvoy
Prior to the General Meeting, we sell 5 raffle tickets for $1. Sales will cease when the president calls the meeting to order. The winning ticket is usually drawn by our guest speaker and the winner gets half of the amount collected. The other half goes to the New Sociables' General Fund.   

Event Planners - Marilyn Liesch & Charlene Ostendorf

Greeters - Bev Henjum & Shelley Ward

Hospitality - Linda Reminger, Rosemary Phillips, Patty Egan, Sonia Schulz & Pat Lynam

Lewis House (Service Activity) - Diane Kouba & Kristy Harms

Lunch with the Bunch -Sue Dentinger, Lola Hanna & Chris Johansen
Each month, after the General Meeting, we go to a different restaurant for lunch. It is a splendid way to get to know each other better and try new restaurants.

Membership -  Mary Lempke & Carol Marbaugh

Newsletter - Deb Lingen

info for newsletter:

Sunshine - Carol Deal & Carol Turcotte
Sunshine volunteers connect with individuals as special needs arise and provide any assistance needed.


Webmaster - Cindy Menas