We’re on the Move! New Meeting Space Announced

Spirit of Life has provided us with a wonderful place to gather, for which we are all very grateful. The reality, however, is that with our increased number of members—a positive situation! - we have also outgrown the space available to us at Spirit of Life. With that in mind, members of your New Sociables board investigated and discussed several new venues.

By vote at the May board meeting they settled on Peace Church as the best fit to be found for both space and cost. Beginning with the next board meeting in August, and then our general meeting in September, New Sociables will gather at a new location: Peace Church, which is located off Nichols Road in Eagan about half a mile north of Cliff Road just east of Cedar. The address is 2180 Glory Drive in Eagan. (Casper's Cherokee is also on Nichols Road but south of Cliff.) Some of the features available to us at Peace:  Ample parking  A covered drop-off area  An elevator for your convenience  Roomy meeting spaces with additional lightweight chairs and tables readily available  Several long tables to use for treats and activity sign-ups, etc.  Large “speedy” brew coffee makers  Reduced and very reasonable rental cost Knowing that this will be a new experience for our members, the New Sociables board is making plans to welcome and direct you to our new meeting space. We look forward to seeing you in our new space this Fall!